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netScope ®


The netScope® Viewer is an efficient, intuitively operable software with which you can easily view, edit and organize your microscope slides in many common formats.

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The netScope® viewer has been developed based on the experience of numerous customers using the ZEISS Axio Scan.


NetScope customers regularly contribute to the ongoing optimization and advancement.

User friendliness


Benefit from an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

The netScope® Viewer not only enhances your productivity, it also makes your work easier and more enjoyable.


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Quick Export


The netScope® Viewer includes a powerful export function that allows you to export your slides quickly and accurately in many common image formats, according to your target of further use.


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The netScope® Viewer can handle large quantities of data, and offers effective solutions for common but complex tasks.




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Viewer Tools


Fluorescence histogram, T-Stack and Z-Stack functions and much more

Learn about our Viewer tools.



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A multitude on viewer tools


Assure yourself of the comprehensive selection of tools suitable to view and work on your slides!


Manage your slides

  • Efficient selection of slides in the directory                                         (similar to Windows-Explorer)
  • Select between zoomable thumbnails or                                              list view with ratings and comments
  • Quick-find search with filter functionality to screen your slides
  • Evaluate, annotate and categorize your slides

Quick Slide-Export

  • High-quality image output in various formats
  • Available also as key shortcuts
  • Save and export all your settings
  • Pre-defined or user-defined resolution
  • All tools for export can be faded in or out
  • Snapshot function to extract screenshots

Additional functions

  • Slide rotation in single-degree increments without any time lag
  • In-slide annotation and measurement
  • Importable and exportable display settings
  • Flexible zoom-function
  • Linking tool for simultaneous editing of multiple slides
  • And much more..

Licensing options


Please review and compare our license options and find a version that suits you best!



netScope Viewer Student*

Free of charge

(Certificate of study required)




netScope Viewer Pro*

349 €

(first year, VAT included)

99 €

(following year, VAT included)

SINGLE LICENSE (pack of 10)

netScope Viewer Pro*

2999 €

(first year, VAT included)

899 €

(following year, VAT included)


* incl. one year update and support. Payment is possible by SEPA and direct debit, Paypal and Visa are also possible on request.


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netScope® has been developed for Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) Data in CZI format. Aside Data from ZEISS Axio Scan all kinds of CZI data can be displayed. ZEISS Customers, which still use older MIRAX Slides in the previous MRXS format, can display those slides in the viewer as well. Similar to CZI, netScope also supports all channels of PerkinElmer Vectra QPTIFF files. DICOM, Bigtiff slides, Hamamtsu NDPI and those in the formats Aperio SVS and Leica SCN, Vantana BIF, Sakura Virtual Slide SVSLIDE, NanoZoomer VMS and VMU and many more are also supported. Annotations from ZEISS and ImageScope formats are also supported. This can be expanded upon request.