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Fast. Efficient. Smart


  • fast data processings
  • smart tool configuration
  • recurring process optimization




obtain an overview of your slides:

The netScope® Viewer enables you to fast track your work process and paves the way for a smoother, more efficient work-flow. The software can effectively manage big quantities of data and processes sizeable slides quickly. Furthermore, every menu and all operational elements are designed in such a way that the user can purposefully utilize to fast track the work process. The netScope® Viewer enhances the efficiency of recurrent processes. It is also possible to save settings or adjustments and retrieve them at ease. If you decide to use the Server Version each co-worker benefits from the work accomplished.


Fast data processing

How to obtain an overview of your slides:


  • For each saved slide there is a thumbnail image
  • thumbnail images can be adjusted in the menu according to size
  • if the slide has already been edited by someone, you can also see it in the evaluation or Comments in the options menu. For more information on Options menu read here
  • Not only do we save processing power, but we also save you a lot of time!

The advantages continue with usage of the tools. Without delaying time, you can navigate through the slide, rotate or enlarge it. If you use the linking function you are not restricted to only one slide, but you can simultaneously carry out all of the aforementioned procedures on multiple slides. For more information on the linking function read here.



Smart tool configuration



Even when a substantially large slide is opened, netScope® Viewer continues to operate as a fast Software. Each operational element can be hidden with a single keystroke or one click, that way you can save yourself the hassle of searching the sub-menu and maintain a good overview. On your screen you only see the relevant tools you require, the menu consists of a clear number of buttons, behind each one are hidden complex features. The appropriate tool is only one click away! 

Recurring process optimization



Even with recurrent work procedure, netScope® brings you further because it saves each adjustment you make on each slide. When you open a slide you pick up exactly where you left off, this applies to zoom levels, annotations, colour channels, fluorescence channels, gamma values and much more!

If you are to use the Server Version, none of you and your colleagues have to repeat work that has already been carried out. You can share saved files and retrieve them. This way, for instance you can secure given annotations and with just one click reuse them. Additionally you can save your own settings as default settings or only use them for a single slide.

The operation of the Menu in netScope® Viewer is familiar to every individual who has already used Windows Operating System and can be intuitively learnt. You can navigate the slides contained in the familiar/usual tree structure file.

When you find the requested file, netScope® Viewer shows for each saved slide a preview image. This way you are provided with a quick overview of all available slides. The presentation is possible in two ways. Firstly with the aid of thumbnail images, this enables you to have a rough idea without having to open any of the slides. Secondly in the list view you find all the important information at a glance, the switching between both views can happen with a simple click.

Even with many slides in one file you can immediately find the right one thanks to the built-in search tool in the menu, all you have to do is type the required term, phrase or word and netScope® Viewer provides you with all slides that comprise the search term or word in the heading. Owing to the commentary function you can also enter the results and classify the slides in one category, for instance ”twelve nuclei “.

If you wish to change the menu to the list view, you can sort your slide according to useful criteria for example the modification date or you own given evaluations. With evaluation, an additional filter tool comes along with it and in doing so the netScope® Viewer uses a broad, five step evaluation system.

How you decide to evaluate the slides is arbitrary. Should your company decide to use Server Version, each and every user of your cooperation stands to benefit too. Not only do you speed up your own work-flow but that of each colleague who would use the slides in the future because then every user can find slides through the comments made. All that in a user-friendly, intuitive menu set-up without having to manually create a database.

The linking function enables you to simultaneously carry out the same adjustments on multiple slides. You can join slides together and simultaneously process them by the use of the linking function. This is suitable, for instance when you need the same detail on two slides, or to carry out the same step two almost identical slides.