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User friendliness


The netScope Viewer doesn’t only enhance your productivity, it also makes your work easier and more enjoyable. All functions and tools are easy to utilize. There are various ways of input and you will be able to assign certain keys for each operation.


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The netScope Viewer enables you to fast track your work process and paves the way for a smoother, more efficient work-flow. The software can effectively manage big quantities of data and processes sizeable slides quickly.


Furthermore, every menu and all operational elements are designed in such a way that the user can purposefully utilize to fast track the work process.

The netScope Viewer enhances the efficiency of recurrent processes. It is also possible to save settings or adjustments and retrieve them at ease. If you decide to use the Server Version each co-worker benefits from the work accomplished.

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Viewer Tools


Our netScope Viewer isn’t only efficient and user friendly, it also offers great solutions for complex tasks.


There is a slide export function and display settings for different fluorescence slides. The viewer supports all recorded dimensions, space (Z-stack) and time (T-stack) adjustments are therefore possible!

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